Friday, December 2, 2011

MC Show

I've got a big MC gig tomorrow. Over the last couple of years I've been getting a lot of opportunities to MC at music festivals, but this one is very different.

First of all, it's bitter-sweet, this particular hootenanny is because a good friend died. I think, should I be more solemn, or my own bigger-than-life self? But, Allen was a fan, and he liked my over-the-top self, so I think the theme (for me anyway) is to thine own self be true, he would've wanted it that way.

Secondly it's a rush - fifteen performers in four hours - whew!

The weird thing about MCing is that you have to tell someone else's story - many people's stories.  And it's tough, it takes a lot of research and a lot of practice.

In the end, it's a lot of fun, I don't call myself an MC, I call myself a host. I think it's my job, to not only intro the performers, but to keep the audience hot during the break, and that's where the fun is. Kind of like Johnny Carson.

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