Thursday, March 8, 2012

Learning a new instrument

Development of my summer reading program, Les Voyages Fantastique, is really starting to take shape.
I started out with a germ of an idea, based on a particular telling style, and some stories I'd like to tell. It really wasn't cohesive until I decided on a Kipling story to do - How the Whale got his Throat, and with that, the whole idea gelled into an order of stories that I can connect into one continuous telling:
Fool of the World/Six Men Who Travelled the World, How the Whale Got his Throat, and Baron Munchausen's ride on a Cannon Ball.
I have framed the whole thing very nicely, told in the first person, in my usual, physical style, but I've yet to figure out an ending.

I have also picked up a fife, to bring the music with a proper military-march style. It took me about two days just to get a sound out of the thing, I had no idea it would be so tough to play, but I finally got some music out of it. Here's one of my first attempts: