Thursday, November 8, 2012

A theme and a deadline

I know, I know, what happened to poor Flash Gordon? Why does he always get left by the wayside when something else comes along?

The beauty of Summer Reading is that it gives me everything I need to make a great show - a theme and a deadline. Next year's theme is dig into reading, and I got this urge to perform Fantastic Mr. Fox with a banjo, so I've given myself nine months to become a good banjo player. And, what that means is poor Flash gets pushed to the back burner once again.

But, there is hope, the Summer Reading Program for 2014 is Science Fiction based, so I know Flash will finally make his appearance then - and maybe I'll get a theremin for the music!

One thing I have become very conscious of in the last few years is the passage of time. Before I started this endeavor to become an entertainer I went to a website (, which doesn't appear to be working, but will give you the same information) that told me exactly how long I have left to live. This is pretty sobering.

As a result, I'm very careful about which projects I decide to take on. I describe it as thus: if there are a hundred places you'd like to visit, and you go on vacation once a year, and you discover you only have forty years left to live, where will you choose to go?

The same is true of storytelling projects. If I have 53 (as of 2012) projects I would like to produce, and I take on two or three big projects a year, 50 projects are going to have to wait.

Sorry Flash, I'll see you next year.