Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mood Board - what a great idea

Here's my mood board for Les Voyages Fantastique as of today:

(Please excuse the quality, I'm going on vacation tomorrow and I've already packed my camera)
As you can see I've been adding to it as I've developed the idea.
It's really a fantastic method of ideation when all you really have is a germ of an idea.

I wound up taking material from Rudolph Erich Raspe, Andrew Lang, Terry Gilliam, Rudyard Kipling and the Arabian nights. Here's my Roc:

Each element is a great story in it's own right, but when boiled down to just the conflict portion of the story, and strung together with conflicts from other stories, they form a singular long adventure tale that lends itself to great flowery adventure talk.

At first blush it might not seem to tie into the library's theme of Dream Big, but the very thing that guides all my telling is the pure pleasure of adventurous day dreaming:

And, although the caption says, "When I was a boy" it's just as true today as it was then - why just the other day I sat behind the fan and shot down fokkers over Prussia.