Saturday, September 17, 2011

End of the campfire season

Last night was the annual Hobo Campfire at Old Poway Park. I do campfires all summer long, at various venues, but the Hobo Campfire is the biggest and usually marks the end of the campfire season.
Through out the season I'm usually a solo, telling stories, leading sing-along songs and teaching a little astronomy, but at the Hobo Campfire I have a band of some of the best musicians you could ask for and it's a huge campfire extravaganza.

This year the show was the best it's ever been, so many people come back year after year. This year I had gotten a great deal of MC experience at other events, plus I learned to make the fire with a flint and steel which has been met with great applause at fires all summer long, and although we didn't get a chance to do a formal practice, I was able to provide the guys with recordings and music to practice up on (I'm not as good as they are, so the songs I play are usually pretty easy for them). The show was so good people were clambering for an encore, and of course we obliged.

When I shower the morning after a campfire, the scent of the smoke comes out of my hair and it brings back all the great memories of the night before, and all the fantastic times I've had at campfires all over the county, and to top off the season with a night like last night, where we absolutely nailed it with the biggest campfire show ever, it's just makes that smokey smell all the more sweet.

Here's a picture from 2010:

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